Nissan cube in Wilkesboro is as fun as it is functional


Nissan cube SC

The Nissan cube has an interior that can be customized with options and ambient lighting to fit your personality.


Nissan has a vehicle that helps you make a bold statement on the streets. A Nissan cube in Wilksboro is anything but dull — inside and out. Sure it is square, but those are cool these days, and Wilkesboro Nissan dealers have a selection of cube models in various colors and option packages to fit your personality.

Put your unique style on display in a revolutionary vehicle from Wilkes Nissan that is part-car, part-crossover and 100% fun and functional. In fact, the Nissan cube interior can be customized to your liking — and I am not just talking about a few options packages. Vinyl decals and custom wheels on the outside give you a chance to show the world your personal style. On the inside, a Nissan cube in Wilkesboro can be custom designed with mood lighting available in 20 colors, speaker grilles and an embossed headliner to suit your preferences and make it totally your ride.

Based upon the cubism principle, the unique design of the cube from Wilkes Nissan dealers is all about geometric shapes. Then it treats those designs as artwork, a lot like Picasso did. The cube applies the principle with a boxed-shaped body and big, rounded windows that wraparound on one side in the rear of the vehicle. And just as boxes are meant to contain things, a Nissan cube from Wilkes Nissan in NC has a spacious interior that can accommodates up to five people and still has cargo room.

Interested? Why not schedule a test drive online now and plan a visit to Wilkes Nissan at 1933 US Highway 421 in Wilkesboro, NC, to explore the cube and experience this artful masterpiece for yourself.