Dashboard Light On? Don’t Panic! (Part 1of 2)

Dashboard Symbols – Part 1

The instrument panel on the dashboard represents the simplest way a vehicle can communicate with a driver, allowing the driver to keep up with the status of the vehicle and notifying him or her of any possible upcoming complications like a battery issue or failing brakes.

Do you have a dashboard light on? Don’t fret. Knowledge of these tiny lights can help you prevent even bigger complications and assist you in protecting yourself, your passengers, and the other drivers on the road.

In order to help you get to know your vehicle better and allow you to keep yourself and other motorists safe, our Nissan Dealership Wilmington has compiled a series of blogs on dashboard lights.

* Remember, color is king! The color of the dashboard light will indicate the seriousness of the problem and/or safety issue. Green symbols indicate that the system is currently functioning, yellow indicates that something needs to be repaired soon, and red indicates a serious issue that needs to be attended to immediately.

First, we’ll start off with the extremely serious dashboard lights:

Engine Oil Level or Oil Pressure Warning Light Symbol -

These lights indicate on of two things: either your engine is carrying a dangerously low amount of oil pressure or the oil pressure sending unit has failed and your gauge is not working properly. Hope for the latter of the two, however, if that doesn’t turn out to be the case, you could seriously damage your engine and ding your bank account with some seriously costly repairs. When this light comes on, contact a towing service immediately and have your vehicle delivered to our Nissan Dealer NC, otherwise you are gambling with the well being of your vehicle.

Engine Oil Sensor and Level Indicators -

The engine oil sensor and level indicators are simply an alternative to the engine oil level or oil pressure warning light, which one you have on your vehicle truly depends on who manufactured your vehicle. This version of the light is typically amber colored, but don’t let that fool you – this is a serious issue that needs to be addressed immediately. If the word “sensor” appears on your indicator, that typically means the vehicle can no longer warn you if the oil level drops. If the word “Min” appears on your indicator, it means that the engine’s oil level is at the minimum level for safe operation and that you should receive an oil and filter change with our Nissan Dealership Wilmington immediately.

Change Oil Light

Brake Warning Indicator -

The brake warning indicator appears when the emergency brake is engaged or when there is a serious issue with your brakes. If you are certain that your emergency brake is not engaged, stop your vehicle and contact your dealer or Nissan Dealer North Carolina immediately. To continue driving with a brake issue is life threatening.

Brake Warning Light

Engine Coolant Temperature Indicator -

The temperature indicator is simply just what the title indicates – a temperature indicator. If the temperature indicator is blue, the coolant temperature is below what is required for optimum performance. If the indicator is red, your engine is too hot and you should shut down your vehicle immediately. If your vehicle is not turned off immediately, you are running the risk of overheating your vehicle, which will certainly lead to a costly repair. Simply call us here at our Nissan Dealer NC and we’ll fix you right up!

Engine Coolant Temperature Light

Charging System Warning Light Symbols -

More commonly known as the “battery light” represents the fact that your vehicle’s battery is not charging correctly. This issue typically resides in the alternator, which provides the battery with a steady charge. Your vehicle can still function correctly when the battery light is on, if it does, that simply means the vehicle is running off the power that is stored in the battery and it will continue to run until the battery goes dead. Once your battery light comes on, it would be wise to have your vehicle serviced with our Nissan Dealership Wilmington.

Battery Warning Light

If one of these or one of the many other dashboard lights appears on your instrument panel, don’t panic! Proceed with confidence and patience and have your vehicle serviced immediately. Your vehicles communication system will keep you and other motorists safe so long as you are knowledgeable and aware!