2016 Maxima in PA Excites

If you haven’t seen the new 2016 Maxima in PA, you’re missing out on the car Pennsylvania Nissan drivers are raving about. It’s the perfect execution of Nissan’s sports sedan philosophy.

Visit your Nissan dealer near Philadelphia to test drive this fun-to-drive four-door family sports car.

2016 Maxima in PA

Test drive the new Maxima at your Pennsylvania Nissan dealer.

Peak Performance

The 2016 Maxima gives drivers 300 horsepower as a standard feature. The big V6 engine that Nissan fine-tuned for this car supplies plenty of power whenever the driver wants it. You’ll be thrilled by the acceleration of the 2016 Maxima in PA, but you’ll be amazed by its fuel efficiency. The car gets up to 30 miles per gallon on the highway.*

Family Safety

The 2016 Maxima keeps your family safe with advanced accident prevention features like vehicle dynamic control, traction control and anti-lock braking. If the car senses that you’re applying heavy braking in an emergency situation, automatic brake assist helps the driver apply maximum braking force. Unfortunately, surprises come standard out on the highway, so the Maxima comes loaded with plenty of protective measures as well. A total of six standard airbags shield and protect occupants in front or side impacts and rollovers.

The Need for Speed

When you drive the 2016 Maxima, you’ll already know that it’s a great family value packed with safety features, but something about sitting in the driver’s seat will capture your imagination. You’ll notice subtleties like the driver-focused center stack, the high center console and contoured door panel that makes you feel slotted into position for flight. You might wonder why the 2016 Maxima feels so right, and it’s because this car’s designers were sent to Florida to spend time with the Blue Angels before laying out the interior. That’s right—the Navy F/A-18 fighter jet was an inspiration for interior layout of the 2016 Maxima.

Experience the all-new Maxima at your Pennsylvania Nissan dealer. This is seriously the most fun part about shopping for a new car.

Ask your Nissan dealer near Philadelphia about financing options. Ardmore Nissan works with area lenders to secure the best possible rates for our buyers.

*2016 EPA Fuel Economy Estimates 22 city MPG/30 hwy MPG. Actual mileage may vary with driving conditions – use for comparison only.

2015 Nissan Juke in Angleton is stylish, safe

Nissan Juke TX

Besides sporting a sporty look, a 2015 Nissan Juke in TX features advanced safety technology.


The 2015 Nissan Juke in Angleton is a perfect blend of style and safety.

Sure, the latest Juke from your Angleton Nissan dealerships sports a fun design that looks and drives like nothing else on the road. But what good is a car if it can’t get you there in one piece? Fortunately, Nissan engineers put high importance on safety, and have included industry-recognized and respected technology that acts as a safety shield for you and your passengers.

As a result, the Nissan Juke from Gulf Coast Nissan ensures your safety in three phases:


The 2015 Nissan Juke is watching out for you with the Tire Pressure Monitoring System that alerts you when tires are not adequately inflated, and headlights that come on automatically when low light is detected. A rearview Monitor camera lets you see what is behind you without turning your head. So from keeping you on the road with improved handling to ensuring that other motorists can see you, these features are aimed at preventing accidents before they happen.


A 2015 Nissan Juke in Angleton includes advanced control and traction technology that improves the handling of the vehicle and gives you improved control. It can detect when you are oversteering or understeering and make adjustments to engine power and brakes to prevent a loss of control. It can also sense when wheels are spinning and will reduce throttle to keep you on the road. Anti-lock brakes and Brake Assist technology will not only produce faster stops, but also will prevent wheel lockup.


OK, so there are some accidents that are unavoidable. That’s why your Juke from Nissan in IL dealers is equipped with advanced air bags as well as supplemental air bags and head restraints to provide cushion for a soft landing and to prevent whiplash and other injuries. Nissan has thought of everything — there are air bags in the seats, in the roof and elsewhere to protect you from every side and every angle.

Nissan knows that safety is just as important as style when designing a vehicle. So make a decision that could save your life — visit Gulf Coast Nissan in Angelton, TX, today to take a test drive of the great-looking and protective 2015 Nissan Juke.